Weeks in Review: Feb 8 – Feb 18

Feb 8th:  a pretend cycle ride.

Feb. 11:  Treadmill run.  Not my best though.  only 2.5 miles in 30 minutes.  That was a frustrating day though.

Feb 16:  I was able to run outside 🙂  3.14 miles in 34 minutes

Feb 18:  I ran the same route as 2/16 and did it in 33 minutes.  I’ll be ready for the two 5K’s coming up in a few weeks!

I think my iPod (3rd gen) is screwed up. When  I plug it in to the computer it’s not recognized.  My Nike+ isn’t recognized in it either.  We do have the oleder one (1st generation I think) and it works just fine,  I think I will need to recalibrate it though.  Take it to the track.

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1 Response to Weeks in Review: Feb 8 – Feb 18

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for the pep talk! Did run the two miles…thought I was gonna die!

    Hope you get the ipod sorted out. Mine is like four years old now and so far, (knock on wood) no issues!

    Happy weekend!

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