Links, links & more links!

Here are some very informative sites if you are a runner, no matter your skill/fitness level.

For keeping track of your workouts and for motivation:  Dailymile

Bodies in Motivation I have not fully looked at this site yet.

Wii Mommies For those that use Wii Fit for the majority your workout.

Hellasound Has GREAT music and an informative blog with some pointers.  He’s on Twitter HellaSound

Runner’s World The magazine Runner’s World web site.  Information for EVERY stage of runner and every distance.  Runner’s World Twitter

Fitness Depot Ray Gill is one of the writer’s here.  More tips and such, for running in cold weather, hot weather and all sorts of tips in between.  He’s on Twitter Ray Gill go and follow him!

Any that you recommend?  Leave them in the comments!

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4 Responses to Links, links & more links!

  1. Who’s the guy, Ray Gill, that you turned me onto? Was that Fitness Depot?

  2. Just poking around and found that Ray Gill, behind Fitness Depot, is offering a free eBook called Boost Your Metabolism. FOR FREE!

  3. Andrea says:

    Found another link. This girl is scary badass and this workout makes me shudder to think of actually doing it.

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