running update

1/11/2010:  I made it to the gym to run on the treadmill.  I think I’ve found my treadmill pace, 5.5.  I’m working on going faster.  I did have two bursts of 6.0 after water break slow down walks after Mile 1 & Mile 2.  Total mileage:  2.6 in 30 minutes with another 0.39 in the 5 minute cool down.

Today I tried something different.  I brought my iPod and ear buds as well as a second set of headphones (Not ear buds).  I had my iPod going in one ear and I was listening to the TV (ESPN) on the headphones.  It worked rather nicely.  🙂  Does anyone else do this?

1/13/2010: I had planned on bringing the cycle upstairs but I decided I need to run some errands.  first stop, Dicks Sporting Goods.  I bought myself a pair of Nike pants.

1/14/2010: today I ran outside!  It was mid 40’s a bit overcast, but nice.  I had to find a new route, as not everyone shovels their sidewalks and I couldn’t run one of my normal routes.  I also didn’t want to run on any of the busy streets either, so I found a nice 5K route and ran on the streets.  It was very nice.  Toward the end of my run, I hear “Little Saint Nick” by Electric Mayhem on my iPod.  I chuckled and kept going.  My time was 35:19.

One of my goals:  To complete a 5K in under 35 minutes.  I know I’ll get there.  I’m almost there.  As long as I keep improving, right?

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