WoYo, week #1

Jan. 1, 2010: I was able to fit in Wii Fit Yoga.  I did all the poses, for bank time of 30 minutes.  When that was complete, I also did Lotus Focus, the first time, I only managed 29 seconds and the second time, the full 3 minutes.  During this Wii Fit session, I did Super Hula hoop for 6 minutes, 3 minutes each side, then regular step (which seems to go so.  slow. compared to advanced step).

Jan. 2, 2010: I squeezed in 10 minutes while hubby and son were in the shower.  Baby Girl was downstairs with me eating her breakfast.  The poses include:

  • Sun Salutation (2 times)
  • Moon Salutation (holding each pose 5 breaths)
  • Knee down Spinal Twisting
  • Down dog, plank, child’s pose flow holding for 4 breaths and two times through.

While I was doing the moon salutations, Baby girl was crawling under my legs!

Jan. 3, 2010: Freestyle yoga for 15 minutes or so before bed.  poses include:

  • Sun Salutations (2 times)
  • Cat & Dog poses
  • Child’s pose
  • Pigeon pose (7 breaths).  The one side didn’t feel very good, so I only held that side just a few breaths.
  • Child’s pose
  • Fish pose (10 breaths)
  • Spinal Rocking/Happy Baby.  Happy Baby didn’t get my lower back, so mostly spinal rocking.
  • Kapalabhati (4 rounds of 25)

Jan. 4, 2010: Early morning 15 minute McDonald’s Yoga DVD.  I did the Up for a challenge, work on balance series.  I feel that the poses aren’t held long enough, so I’ve printed of the page and will use it for a guide.

As an aside, I’m starting to DVR Namaste Yoga for more variety.

Jan. 5, 2010: Early morning Namaste Yoga yoga, Earth series.  The poses in the sequence include:  Plank, updog, child’s pose, dog, downdog, updog, down to floor, locust, dog/cat/dog, child’s pose & hero.

Jan. 6, 2010: Well, It was kind of a bits and pieces practice today, until after the kids went to bed.  While dinner was cooking, I managed to squeeze in 5 minutes, 2 Sun salutations.  The kids dinner was done, so I had to stop for a bit.  I did one more Sun Salutation before my dinner was done and while I was washing my face and brushing my teeth, I fit in Goddess Squat (minus the arm’s) and tree, both sides.

okay.  Kids are NOW in bed and I did get 25 more minutes of straight yoga practice.  Poses include:

  • Sun Salutation
  • Chair
  • Warrior I (10 breaths)
  • Warrior II (10 breaths)
  • Straddle forward bend
  • Triangle (10 breaths)
  • Warrior III (7 breaths)
  • Sun Salutations (I held the first forward bend for 10 breaths and Down dog & Plank for a couple extra breaths)
  • Seated Spinal Twisting (5 breaths each)

Jan. 7, 2010: No formal 10 minutes of yoga, but I was able to get in 5 minutes before bed.

  • Sun Salutation
  • Forward Fold
  • Seated Spinal Twisting
  • Half Cow

Jan. 8, 2010: I know I got about 10 minutes of Yoga in, but I don’t remember what I did.  I know the kids were joining me.

Jan. 9, 2010: This was about 10 minutes of Yoga while watching the Illini beat Indiana.  Some poses include:

  • Forward fold
  • seated spinal twisting
  • Half cow
  • spinal rocking
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4 Responses to WoYo, week #1

  1. Good for you doing this! I’m learning through my own workouts that those minutes here and there are becoming my sanity. Too bad I can’t remember that at 5:30 am Monday mornings when I need to get my gym bag ready and I opt to wait until Tuesday. By mid Monday morning I’m kicking myself.

    It’s so important tho. Good on you for getting it in there!

  2. It’s so funny that you say that this morning.

    Hubby leaves for work at 5:30 and half the time I make myself get out of bed for yoga. This morning, Little girl was awake to go potty, so she joined my in bed when she was done. She is so snuggly, that I fell back asleep. No yoga this morning, but yoga this evening instead.

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