The Treadmill run

Normally I wouldn’t post about an individual run, but there was more that I wanted to post here that I didn’t want to drag on and on about in my dailymile post.

I almost didn’t go to the gym today, but I did.  I am glad that I went because if we get the snow that we’re supposed to get, I wouldn’t want to be out and about tomorrow.  This was a 20 minute run instead of my normal 30 minute run.

I grab my treadmill, yes, I use the same one always and Quick Start it.  Then I turn on the TV.  I usually listen to my i-Pod and watch Sports Center.  Today was the day that the Baseball Hall of Fame inductees are announced.  The HOF class 2010 is Andre Dawson.  I HAD to listen to it, so while running 5.5 mph I am plugging in my ear buds into the jack.  NOT EASY!!  Then I need to turn off the i-Pod.  Slightly easier.  Finally.  Settled in.

Today, for some reason, I decide to wear a clippy in my hair instead of a ponytail.  That was falling out too!  I did have the foresight to bring a ponytail holder (circle as the 4 year old calls them) so again, instead of slowing down, I’m putting my hair into a ponytail!  Much easier to do THAT than to insert the ear buds into the jack.

Finally.  Running is going swell.  I hit the 1 mile mark and slow down (still 4.o) for some water and walk the next 0.15 miles.  In the end, I run 1.73 m,iles in the 20 minutes and in my 5 minute cool down, I walk another 0.26 miles for a total of 1.99 miles.  Can I round up to an even 2 miles?

At some point during my run, another woman hops on the treadmill 2 treadmills to my right.  No biggy.  BUT!  she’s clomping along.  Running too fast or walking too fast.  I don’t know if she’s doing interval type training or what, but I can hear her!  Instead of simply slowing down, she jumps on the side and keeps the treadmill just as fast.  WTF???  Am I making a bigger deal out of this?  Should I have said something to her when I was done?  What would you have done?

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2 Responses to The Treadmill run

  1. 1st, digging the new theme.

    2nd, I do the jump on the side of the treadmill thing. It’s because I’m going as hard as I can as long as I can (the End is Near Zombie Fleeing Badass Test, remember?) and when I’ve squeezed out every single second I can manage, I can’t even keep up w/ the belt to slow it down to a walking pace. I jump, then slow it, and then do my cool down. But then, I only do it one time per workout, not for the whole workout. Then again, it’s only a sound. If it were me in your shoes, I’d have just put on my earbuds and turned up the volume to tune her out.

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