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Hi. My name is Andrea, @Shutterbitch, or even Hey You, if it’s in a nice enough tone of voice.  I’m new here, in case you weren’t sure.  I also am new to working out.  Well, I guess technically that’s not true.  I’ve been working out since I knew what the word ‘fat’ meant, probably since I was ten or so.  But I’m new to losing weight.  I’ve never been successful at that.  I’ve also never been a runner before.  I always had a video to do, Cindy Crawford’s secret to her mole nice lean figure that earned her a spot as Americas Next Top Model before there was a show of the same name.  From Tae Bo to Power 90, gym memberships, walking around my neighborhood, the purchase of a jogging stroller after the birth of my second child… I’ve been there.  You wanna talk about diets, I can spout about all of them, South Beach, The Zone, Atkins, Eat to Live, Oprah’s… Oh, Oprah doesn’t have a diet? That surprises me, since she’s spent her career telling us what to like/do/eat/watch.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have much against (or for) Oprah, but I figured she has her fingers in all kinds of pies, why not that?

But this isn’t a diet blog.  It’s a fitness blog.  And I’m new at one thing: sticking with a plan.  I’ve never successfully done one to reach a predetermined goal.  I’ve always quit, petered out, flaked, or any other quitting euphemism you can think of. 

Here’s some information about me: I weigh 221 pounds. That’s a freakin’ lot.  I’m only 5’3″.  Yeah, I bring the sexay.  I’m an apple shape, meaning I carry all my weight in my middle, as opposed to a pear shape with a big butt/hips.  I actually look pregnant, though my daughter is going to be 2 years old in 19 days.  Yeah, I still haven’t lost the pregnancy weight, but if I’m being truthful, which is key to success, I was this weight or only slightly less before I got pregnant the first time, let alone the second time.

But I’m done. I’m sick of being too tired for my kids, too snappy because I am unhappy with myself so I bring my misery down on everything around me.  My weight affects more than my health, but also my mood, my self-image, my opinion of life around me.  Snarky is one thing; that can actually be funny.  Bitchy is not something I aspire to be.  It’s begun to cost me; my kids shrink from me when they see a look cross my face because I have such a short temper; my husband cringes, gauges my reaction to things he says, and walks on eggshells around me. 

I’ve had enough.  Among the things I would like to change about myself, my weight, health, and eating habits are front and center.  But I know it’s a process, one I have to eek out as I go along.  No one can come in and fix me.  I have to fix this myself.  So I’m journaling my process here, focusing on the fitness aspect of it more than diet.  Some of it will be talking aloud, asking for help, imparting ideas.  I’d like to join in the community here, get a conversation going, motivate someone if possible, and I’d like to be able to look back on this as the beginning of the end of my misery with how I feel, look, and behave.

To keep myself motivated,  I’ve got several goals.  The big one is to lose 100 pounds.

Holy hell, 100 pounds! That’s almost a full grown adult!  That’s really freakin’ daunting.  But I know Rome wasn’t built in a day; books are written a page at a time, and so I’ll be taking this a step at a time, a goal at a time, if you will.

Long term, ultimate goal: lose 100 pounds. Show my kids the meaning and importance of being healthy.  Be happy with myself, prove that I CAN do this.

Intermediate goal: regain health enough to run in a 5K or 10K or even a 1/2 marathon or *gulp* full marathon.  Keep up with my kids.

Monthly goal: lose more than 10 pounds in the first month. Prove to my mind that it’s possible to go further than the pain says I can go.

Weekly goal: run/work out every day, get some form of exercise every day.

Daily: The name of this url is  Daily I want to take responsibility for my choices, both dietary and fitness ones.  I am the one who got myself in this condition, and I need to take responsibility for that and change those choices.  Change is the only way this can be done.  Trying to change my whole life is too daunting.  But one choice at a time, well hell.  That I can change.

I’ll get there.  One little goal at a time.  So what do you say, wanna come along for the ride?

*updated to add if you’re on and wish to friend me, here is my profile.

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6 Responses to New to This

  1. Sarah Lena says:

    I think you can do this.

    10 lbs in a month sounds lofty, in my honest opinion. But I think that if you work hard at it, and keep up with your other goals? You’ll see so much change and good things that you’ll be inspired to continue even if it’s only 8 lbs.

    You can do this.

  2. Yes. You CAN do this.

    We can do this together. I’ll be here to cheer you on and motivate you when you don’t want to.

  3. Becky says:

    I know you can do this! I will be joining you shortly on these same life changes! One day at a time you will succeed and I believe in you!

  4. Darla says:

    YES! You can do this!!! Congratulations on taking the first step (being sick of yourself 😉 )

  5. thumbs up • thumbs up • thumbs up • thumbs up • thumbs up

    Sorry—Facebook culture has limited my vocabulary; that’s how I now show my excitement, support and enthusiasm 🙂

    Yooo can dooo eeeet!!!

  6. Authentic words, some unadulterated words man. You rocked my day!

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