Week In Review 12/7

It’s a Craptacular week weather-wise.

December 7th: I joined a gym so I could use the treadmill or elliptical and then I promptly went to McDonald’s for a McRib sandwich.  YUM!!

December 9th: I intended to go to the gym this afternoon for a run on the treadmill, but the weather outside is frightful.  So I hauled the stationary bike (This is close, but the display is different) upstairs and watched an episode of Cold Case.  I managed to go approximately  0.75 miles before the display reset itself  (GRRRR) and I didn’t see the time.  I went 9 miles in 43 minutes and some odd seconds.  I can say for sure that I went 9.75 miles, but the time I’m not sure of, so I’ll say 45 minutes.

December 10th: I did make it to the gym and ran onthe treadmill.  I ran for 30 minutes and ran for 2.42 miles.  I did have to pause the belt a few times to take a drink of water.  I only had a water bottle that I had to twist the lid off 😦  I pretty much kept the speed right around 5 mph, but I did go up to 5.2 and towards the end 4.8.  I had the incline for the most part set at 1 with the occasional 2.  During the 5 minute cooldown, I managed to go another 0.28 miles.

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