Week in Review: Nov 23

November 24: We got outside, but no formal walk today.  Just up the road (maybe 0.75 miles).   Hubby brought K’s bike up, so we went around the little block twice (she went around 3 times).  We walked/ran around the block one more time for a grand total of 1.26 miles.  It’s amazing on how those little things add up.  🙂

November 23: I ended up going out for a run today instead of Tuesday like I had planned.  It was a much nicer day and I wanted to take advantage of the better weather.  I went on the same 2.5 mile loop that we did Saturday.  It was a much better run.  29:01.55.  I remembered to drink before and I had my music too.

I am going to pack my running shoes, but the subdivision that they live in isn’t very big and it’s a bit secluded.  The route up and down the street is only 1 mile, so I guess I’ll be doing a couple of laps.  🙂  They also have a treadmill that I can run on too.  We’ll see…

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