WiR: Oct 12-Oct 19…

Tuesday, October 13: Today I got up early when hubby went to work and did the McDonald’s 15 Minute Cardio DVD (with step platform and ease me into it).  I was going to do the Core DVD again (not balance ball ease me into it) but time got away from me and I had to stop not quite halfway through.  I made it through kneeling spinal balance, so I got in all the crunches and the hundred’s, so all is good.

Wednesday, October 14: Again, I woke up early when Hubby went to work at 5:30.  I made sure the batteries were all charged and I Wii fit’ed this morning.  I did:

  • Advanced Hula Hoop:  10 minutes total.  My numbers:  Right 1666 (I missed a couple of extra hoops);  Left 1777 for a total of 3383.  Good for only 2nd place!
  • Advanced Step:  Perfect: 219;  Okay 117 for a total of 555 points.  Good for only 10th place.
  • Rhythmic Boxing:  10 minutes.  Total points 1112 which was good for 4th place.  I did goof up and miss some, but it doesn’t break it down.

Sunday, October 18: No formal workout, other than pacing the halls of the hospital Critical care unit.  Had to have logged a mile there.

Monday, October 19: Went for a run/walk at lunch time.  2.5 miles in 31:50.  Did quite a bit of walking towards the end.  Anticipating a run Thursday morning after a P/T conference.

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