It’s been a while.  Since the 5K, I’ve gotten “Lazy”.  I didn’t do anything the week after the 5K.  It was crazy busy.

Monday, October 5th: My first running (or activity for that matter) since the 5K.  I ran 2.5 miles in 29:46.  Not too bad.  I did have to stop for two red lights and I did a few moments of walking.  All in all, not bad.  It was a late morning run.

Thursday, October 8th:  I did two 15 minute DVD’s, McDonald’s Strength (with weights and ease me into it) & McDonald’s Core (no stability ball and up for a challenge).

I was thinking about starting to do 100 crunches daily.  It would break down to 25 each of regular, right side, left side and double.  Anyone interested in joining me?

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