Weekend update!

Thursday, September 24: Final training run for 5K.  I ran 3.5 miles in 43:26.  YAY ME!!!

Friday, September 25: We bowled.  🙂  Not Wii bowling, but actual bowling at the alley.  My scores:  105, 124 & 125.

Saturday, September 26:  Was the 5K race.  I mostly ran it in 36.28.02.  YAY ME!!!!  I did walk a tiny bit of it, maybe half a mile total?  It was a cool morning and I wore my bike shirt.  🙂  After the race, one of the women who was behind me came up to me to say that she liked my shirt.  It was good.  I did win a door prize for it being my first 5K ever.  I got a mug and one of my friends got socks.  She wanted a mug, so we switched.  🙂

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