Rest of the week: Aug 26th

Wednesday, August 26th: I rode up to Meijer to pick up some iron drops & chewable Vitamin C’s for Little Man.  A sever iron deficiency.  That was 3.45 miles.

Thursday, August 27th: Wii Fit 10 minute Free run.  I “ran” 1.123 miles.  I also did Advanced Step.  The sound was off so it was throwing me off!  My total score was an all time low.  Perfect: 160;  OK:  175;   Miss: 1;  Total: 495.  I’m so ashamed!

Friday, August 28th: We went to a Cubs game!  We walked a quarter of a mile from where we parked our car to the CTA train station.  Then we walked not quite a third of a mile from the stop to catch the bus to Wrigley.  We left before the game was over and since there wasn’t a bus, we decided to start walking part of the way back to the station.  It’s a three mile ride, but we walked not quite two thirds of a mile and then we walked the quarter mile back to the car.  All in all we walked 1.41 miles.  It was good.

Monday, August 31: My first training run.  I was supposed to walk for 1 minute and jog for 4 minutes for a total of 20 minutes.  I couldn’t finish it.  I ended up walking/jogging for 1.5 miles and I did it in 17 minutes 41 seconds, so I was three minutes shy of the total.  Wednesday, I’ll take it back to 1 minute walk to 3 minutes jogging and see how it goes.

Tuesday, September 1: The family all went to SF Park.  Hubby was playing softball so the kids and I walked over for mini golf.  It is about a quarter mile each way, so we walked a half mile.

Wednesday, September 2: My 2nd 5K training jog.  I scaled it back to walk 1 minute and jog 3 minutes.  At the end of 20 minutes I still had  less than a quarter of a lap to go, so I finished it out.  Two miles total in 23 minutes.

Thursday, September 3: I had a dentist appointment and then I rode over to the bank to pay my property taxes.  Total miles:  3.35.

Friday, September 4: Total bike ride of 2.919 and an ok jog of about 2 miles.  It was okay.  Not good, but not horrible.  The two miles was done in 27 minutes.

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