Week in Review and News!

Since I was bad and didn’t post this last week:

Wednesday, August 19th: Wii Fit free step in the morning.  1986 steps!  LOL!!  great year.  20 minutes while watching the morning news.

Thursday, August 20th: Wii Fit Strength.

  • Single Leg Extension (20 reps)  Very unstable
  • Push-up/Side Plank (6 reps) I did this knee dwon
  • Torso Twists (6 reps)
  • Jackknifes (30 reps)
  • Lunges (30 reps each leg) UGH!!
  • Advance Step.  One of my worst scores ever.  Perfect:  199;  OK:  125;  Misses: 12!  Total score 523.

Sunday, August 23: We went to the park while hubby was practicing softball.  We brought the kids bike so they could ride, and I walked.  The total mileage was Just a hair under a mile and a half.  more detail.

Tuesday, August 25th: I had to drop the car off for an oil change.  since it is right by the old school, I brought my bike to ride home.  Way quicker than waiting for the shuttle.  When the car was done, I rode the bike back.  Total mileage 3.62 miles.l

News: I signed up to run/jog/walk a 5K.  I’m going to start training and you’ll here ALL about it here.  The race is 31 days away.  September 26th.  Wish me luck!  I’ll be following this training guide, starting with Week 3.

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