WiR: August 8

Saturday, August 8: We were on vacation and decided to take in the sights.  We went to the Timpanogos Cave.  This was a mile and a half hike up a mountain (elevation change of 1,092 feet).

Sunday, August 9: Still on Vacation.  We walked around Park City.  Not sure how far.  We were wandering.  🙂

Monday, August 10: No major hiking or walking, but we did take the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood in the evening.

Tuesday, August 11: Again, no major walking, but around O’Hare when we landed.  We did take public transportation and we did walk a bit back to our car.

Wednesday, August 12: Back home again.  I did ride my bike to a co-worker’s house to help her set-up her computer.  The total mileage riding is 11.45 miles.  🙂

That’s it for the week.  Kids are back home and everything will normalize a bit.

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