WiR: July 20

Monday 7/20/2009:   The kids got new bikes.  Little Man a 16″ Lightning McQueen Bike and Baby Girl a 12″ girls bike.  The other red bike we had decided the pedals wanted to come out.  The bikes were put together and the kid tested their new bikes with several block laps.

Tuesday 7/21/2009: I went to Monticello for a funeral in the morning, but I decided to bring my bike and go for a ride around town with my sister.  We rode about 6 miles before someone had to go home to pee!  LOL!!  We also did more block laps with the bikes.

Wednesday 7/22/2009:  After dinner, the kids rode their bikes to the park and I walked.  We had a pretty good game of tag too.

Thursday 7/23/2009: I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to ride (it was kind of foggy) so I did Wii Yoga.  All the poses except Dancer & Cobra.  It wasn’t so foggy at 6:30, so we rode the bike to school anyway and block laps.

Friday 7/24/2009: Fun Run day!!  We walked to the school and I ran with Baby Girl for her lap.  We did it in 3 minutes!!  Not bad considering I was holding her hand for 95% of the time.

Saturday 7/25/2009: We went to the park and the kids rode two laps on the trail.  Hubby and I walked.  Each lap is half a mile, so the kids rode 1 mile on their bikes!

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