WiR: July 13

I tend to not ride the kids to school on the bike on Monday’s.  I let them sleep in a bit (well, wake them at 7:00) Monday mornings.  I’m not that concerned about Baby Girl, she somewhat naps at daycare, but Little Man doesn’t and he can be sooo grumpy in the evening and downright mean when he doesn’t sleep enough.  When I do ride in the mornings, I start waking the kids up around 6:30 so that they can eat breakfast if they don’t like the breakfast offered at daycare.

I think on the days that I don’t ride the bike to daycare, I’ll do a DVD.

Tuesday:  Bike ride to school.  There were a couple of inconsiderate driver’s and I don’t care to rehash that now, but if you care to read, here you go.  We also did 4 block laps (0.15 miles around) for 0.60 miles.  C rode the bike for 2 laps and K for 2 laps

Wednesday:  did 100 crunches (25 each of double, left  side, right side and regular) and 5 pilates roll-ups.  After dinner we played outside and did 5 block laps for 0.75 miles.  K rode the bike for 3 of them and C for 2 of them.

Thursday:  bike ride to school, uneventful.  🙂  4 block laps that evening.

Friday:  Kids Run for fun.  We ended up driving, but I did end up jogging the lap with Baby Girl hanging on to my finger!

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