Saturday was a beautiful day.  We (hubby) put the bike rack on the back of the van, loaded the trailer in the back and hauled the bikes to Moraine View State Park.  The Lake isn’t very big.  They have a beach, but we didn’t bring money to swim there, though we brought the swim suits and towels.  We parked by the boat ramp and bicycled around the lake.  It isn’t very big.  🙂  We stopped at a playground just past the beach area and stopped to play for a bit before we continued.  It was VERY hilly…

Sunday we went to the pool (Hubby’s employer has an exclusive park with a pool so it doesn’t cost anything).  Baby girl went down the water slides with little prodding and Little Man wouldn’t go down at all.  He doesn’t like the water in his face, even with goggles on.  😦

While Little Man was at VBS, Baby Girl wanted to watch me play Yoga games (Wii fit) so I obliged, in no particular order:

  • Advanced Step
  • Tight rope walking (beginner and I made it across)
  • Bubble walk (Expert, didnt’ make it all three times)
  • Soccer heading (advanced)
  • Penguin slide
  • Jackknife challenge (20 reps)
  • Advanced Hula Hoop (6 minutes – 3 minutes each direction)
  • Table tilt (beginner & advanced)
  • Rhythmic Boxing (6 minutes)
  • Regular hula hoop

Then we went outside to walk to the pond to feed one piece of bread to the fish and back home again.  Afterwards, we blew bubbles.  🙂

A pretty good weekend.

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