a looooong bike ride

It’s been a while.  today after lunch, I put on the helmets hitched up the trailer and went on a long bike ride.  Total mileage was 13ish miles.  Most of that with kids in tow.  We have a bike trail and we hopped on and went to the end.  One of the bike shops had their open house, so we stopped for a bit.  Little Man’s school is also on the trail, so we stopped to play on the way home.  Daddy met us there, he was in the van as he had to run to Sam’s Club then Sears.  Both kids went with him, so I collapsed the trailer for him to take with him.

Total mileage this spring is 19.372 miles (since a new battery was put in the odometer)

  • A pick up from school (it was very windy that day)
  • Trips to three different parks
  • a long ride on the trail

I wish that we’d have been able to get out more, but it’s been too rainy to take the kids out.

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