An update of sorts

It’s finally been nice enough to ride the bicycle and hauling the kids around.  I did get a new battery for the odometer.  YAY!!!  I really want to get a bike rack for my van so I don’t have to toss it in the back.  It can’t be that good for the bike.  At least the trailer collapses down.

Saturday 4/18: I brought the bike and Trailer to my Dad’s house and rode them to the park.  We took the long way home.  🙂  I don’t have mileage, but it was good.

Thursday 4/23:  I picked up Baby Girl from daycare with the bike.  Little Man had already gotten off the bus so he went with.  It’s a good thing too.  It was VERY windy and if he hadn’t been there, the trailer would have been blowing all over the place.  I admit. I had to stop a few times for a rest.

I thought about riding it Friday, but it was much windier than Thursday so we didn’t.

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