Week in Review

Wednesday, I Did the McDonald’s 15 minutes Core DVD with balance ball, ease me into it.  You really don’t need the balance ball!

Thursday I dragged the stationary bike upstairs (so that was strength?) and rode it for 45 minutes, while watching Cold Case.  I rode 8.66 miles!  and boy were my sitz bones sore.  Still a little tender as of Sunday.  I need to do this more.  Ride the bike while I watch DVR’ed shows.

Friday night we bowled.

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we went to the park to play.   I also played Wii Fit.

  • Advance Step
  • Boxing (6 minutes)
  • Advanced Hula Hoop (6 minutes)
  • Penguin slide and a few other balance games.

Sunday we went to the park again, so we walked.  I love this beautiful weather and I can’t wait to bring the bikes out.

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