15 minutes 2.13-2.14

15 minutes 2.13 was The McDonald’s Strength DVD.  Ease me into it with no handweights, although I did use them.

15 minutes 2.14 was Wii Fit.

  • Advance Hula Hoop (10 minutes) ~ Boy was I getting weary towards the end.
  • Advance Step ~ I missed a few steps 😦
  • Balance Bubble (advanced) 3 times~ Still didn’t make it all the way through
  • Tight Rope Walk (expert) twice.  Didn’t make it very far
  • Push-up Challenge (10 reps) trainer gave up
  • Plank Challenge (61 seconds) I gave up
  • Body Test.  Monkey music ~ Wii Fit Age 39
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3 Responses to 15 minutes 2.13-2.14

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  2. WiiFitGirl says:

    I am impressed that you could get the trainer to give up on the push up challenge! I don’t even have enough strength to get it to register most of my push ups. 😦 Great for you!

    And does this 15 include the time in between all the activities or just what is totaled up in the piggy bank?

  3. It was my first time doing the challenge. I’ve noticed that with Plank challenge, the trainer stays up longer in increments of 20 seconds. I’m sure the Push-up challenge is the same way. Also, I can’t do Plank on my forearms, it hurts!

    I count the piggy bank time only.

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