15 minutes 2.3

Last night after dinner the wids wanted to watch me on the Wii.  In addition to yesterday’s Core I did the following on the Wii Fit:

  • Rhythmic boxing (expert ~ 10 minutes)
  • Advance Hula Hoop (3 minutes)
  • assorted balance games including Balance bubble & penguin slide

Today I planned on using the McDonald’s 15 minute cardio DVD, but the DVD player didn’t have the sound.  I did buy a step platform and 4 lb. hand weights.  Today I shoveled the snowplow crud from the end of the drive-way, vacuuming and I put laundry away.  Hopefully tonight I’ll get something else done.

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1 Response to 15 minutes 2.3

  1. jenn2627 says:

    Well, I live in Florida, so I don’t really have any first hand experience, but shoveling snow sounds like really hard work!

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