15 minutes 2.1

I’m going to try to reserve the Wii Fit for the weekends only.  Since today is Sunday, I used it.

  • Rhythmic Boxing (6 minutes)
  • Advance Hula Hoop (6 minutes)
  • Balance bubble (beginner ~ made it to the end, advanced tried it three times and didn’t make it to the end)
  • Focus Lotus (made it to the end ~3 minutes)
  • Body Test (Wii Fit age 31!)

There you go.  That’s what I did today.

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1 Response to 15 minutes 2.1

  1. lifefocuscounseling says:

    There is one thing I would caution: The Wii has several games that are very Buddhist in nature. In the Wii fit plus, you can practice your Yoga, or participate in a Lotus Focus centering exercise. I caution against these as some believe that they can be the gateway into the occult. We are told in Scripture to focus on Scripture, and God’s good works. We are never told to empty our minds, or focus on centering our inner beings. This New Age message can send a dangerous message to our kids. We as responsible parents need to be involved in discussing these things with our kids. Now my 4 and 2 year old probably are a little young for a lengthy discussion on this but they can know that Daddy doesn’t want them messing with the ‘bad’ games on the Wii.

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