WoYoPracMo 1.28

Today was an early morning 10 minute practice, free style.

  • Sun Salutation (twice through, second time held runner stretch, plank, updog, down dog 2 breaths)
  • Sun Bird sequence from Namaste Yoga yesterday (twice through)
  • Seated spinal twisting.

The sun bird sequence in more detail  is:

  • Cat lift (dog)
  • Cat
  • cat lift (dog)
  • Down dog
  • Sunbird lift (Right knee on the floor left leg up)
  • Gate (kind of assisted side plank)
  • Sunbird bow
  • One legged down dog
  • Repeat with other leg up/down
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1 Response to WoYoPracMo 1.28

  1. What other animals can you lift? I knew a farmer once who could lift a cow. Then it grew up.

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