WoYoPracMo 1.23

Today Hubby’s phone rang while he was in the shower, about 5:15 am.  I dragged my arse out of bed and used the Wii Fit Yoga this morning.  I wasn’t sure if I’d have time later.  I did unlock another Yoga Pose this morning as well as another Aerboics.  Yippee!!

The Yoga poses unlocked so far (and I did each of them once):

  • Deep Breathing
  • Half Moon
  • Warrior II
  • Tree
  • Sun Salutation (Gentle Back Bend, forward bend, chair repeat)
  • another balancing pose with your knee upfront
  • Palm Tree
  • Chair

I finally made it across the tightrope and did the advance step that I unlocked Free-step (which goes for 10 minutes, I’ll have to try that sometime).  The other games unlocked are the penguin game and the bubble game.

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