WoYoPracMo 1.13-1.14

WoYoPracMo 1.13 was an Episode of Namaste Yoga before bed.

  • forward bend
  • plank
  • down dog
  • firebird lift/bow.lift
  • some sort of angle thing
  • firebird lift
  • child’s pose
  • down dog

I think that’s was it.

WoYoPracMo 1.15 was McDonald’s 15 minutes Yoga Dvd at lunch time while the macaroni and cheese was cooking for Little Man’s lunch.  Okay, so I had some too.  See here for list of poses

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2 Responses to WoYoPracMo 1.13-1.14

  1. Jenn says:

    Ah, a 15 minute video sounds nice, did you buy it at McDonalds? 15 minutes is about all the time I’d have during the day for exercise that doesn’t involve L!

  2. This was when McDonald’s was introducing the premium salad’s YEARS ago. I had bought one and took the Core DVD. I hunted the other three DVD’s down on E-bay.

    If you do, be careful at the total price you pay. My own rule was that I was not going to pay more than $7.50 total for the DVD. I think some people also offer the whole set.

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