WoYoPracMo 1.3 & 1.4

Last night I yoga’ed after I turned the computer off, while watching the Colts & Chargers.  It ended up beaing about 10 minutes.

  • Spinal twisting (both knee down and sitting)
  • sitting forward bend
  • The ocean breathing

Sunday morning while the kids were watching Imagination Movers I practiced for a little over 10 minutes.

  • Sun Salutations (2 rounds.  Second time through, I held runners stretch, plank, up dog & down dog for 3 breaths)
  • Moon Salutations:  Runner stretch, Triangle, Warrior I & II, Goddess and reverse on the other side)  I held each pose 5 breaths.

That was about it.  So far, so good!

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