I’ve been slacking in my fitness. 

Hubby and I decided (together) that we are not going to renew our gym membership.  He usually plays racquetball Friday afternoons, but the guy HE plays with didn’t renew.  He didn’t go otherwise.  I haven’t been going myself.  I’m a pilates class drop-out and I haven’t done anything else otherwise.  We have taken Little Man to shoot hoops in the under 8 section, but only a handful of times and I’ve taken him swimming there only once.  We were wasting our money.  We aren’t going to renew at this time. 

I have plenty of videos that I can use at home.  I just need to start again.  Maybe I’ll start a Fitness day here at home.  I’m open to suggestions.

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1 Response to ugh…

  1. Darla says:

    I don’t blame you. If you weren’t going then it is a waste of money – not to mention guilt thinking about it.

    Fitness day at home sounds fun!

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