Tuesday Pilates

I used to do Pilate’s all the time.  Maybe because I haven’t done it on a regular basis or something, but I’m not liking the class.  😦  I think next session I’m going to try something new, but NOT spinning.  Oddly enough, I miss the torture that is hips/buns/thighs express with 15 minute ab express at the end.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  We took the kids to the park on the bike, but it was the close one, so it was less than a mile round trip.  The beautiful days are waning.  😦

Friday, i won breakfast for my office (of 2!) delivered Monday.  Coffee & donuts from a local bakery.  I invited my other co-worker who was spared from the carnage a year ago over for coffee.  I did have two cups and it was good.  I was expecting enough for just 2 people.  Boy was I wrong!  They brought a dozen donuts, a dozen bagels & cream cheese plus coffee.  I had one of each yesterday morning, kept about half for us here at home and brought the rest into Hubby’s office.  I am proud to state that I did NOT have a donut this morning before my class or after.  I had a blueberry bagel when I got home.  YUM!!  But I did eat 1 double stuff oreo cookie while packing Little Man’s cold lunch today!  Oh well.

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