Well, It’s getting cooler out and I’ve been hibernating in the morning instead of getting up to exercise.  I did go to Pilate’s today.  I did not ride the bike though.

I found another good way to ruin a good Pilate’s class.  Oreo cookies.  I had three (which is one serving) at lunch time and three before dinner.  BAD!!!

I am hoping to bring baby girl to school on the bike tomorrow.  I do have a dentist appointment, but I pass the office on my way, so it’s not out of the way.  I’ll be back tomorrow with mileage.

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2 Responses to well…

  1. I say that if you had Oreos, and you ONLY had 6, that’s pretty good, despite what the package says is a serving.

    18 oreos and two glasses of milk instead of dinner…then you’re having a problem.

    Point taken!! At least it wasn’t a pizza… ~R

  2. lceel says:

    Flabby mommy tummy? I just saw this on your other blog and thought I’d wander over. I think I may have to keep an eye on you. Yup. I do.

    Yup! I’m a blogging fool. ~R

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