Mileage and class & other

I rode 13.158 miles.  I was able to ride Baby Girl to school on the 25th of August.  Hubby stayed home to take Little Man to the bus stop.  Most of this mileage is riding to different parks and a trip to the gym.  I should have ridden Wednesday as well, but for some reason I was talked out of it.

I had my first Pilate’s class on Tuesday.  It was good!  My abs are still a little bit sore, but that’s okay.

Friday we start our husband and wife bowling league.  It’ll be interesting, I haven’t been bowling with any regularity for at LEAST 3 years.  We won’t be bowling every week, which is fine.  I’m not sure which blog I’ll post about bowling.  Maybe I’ll keep a bowling average widget to chart my progress?  LOL!!

I’m still not happy with my blog name.  I do like Flabby baby belly, but my friend Cinturon has taken it already.  I won’t use it unless I have her blessing.

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3 Responses to Mileage and class & other

  1. You should just ask her. She says she’s done with blogging.

  2. oh2btigger says:

    Well, you’ll figure it out. It took me a really long time to settle on a name for my blog. Good luck with that.

    Have fun bowling. It’s a great stress reliever!

  3. I think I found one that I like for now…

    Flabby Bulgey Belly.

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