another good ride

Today was my most ambitions ride.  I rode on the trail to near downtown Bloomington.  I almost hoped in my car to do it, but then I started thinking, “Why shouldn’t I ride my bike?”  I was thinking of my friend D in CO, Deb and Scott when I headed off.  Besides, we didn’t ride the bike this morning to bring the kids to school and we SHOULD have.  I’m still steaming about that one.

It ended up being about 10 1/2 miles round trip.  It had a purpose.  I needed to go the pharmacy (the ONLY one in town) that carries Medela Breast pump pieces.  NO, No No…  I’m not pumping, but one of my friends is taking it and it didn’t have a very important piece.  Tubes.

Anyway, I ride on the trail and then I have to get on the rode for several blocks.  On the way there, since it was a one-way street, I rode on the sidewalk.  I was going against traffic.  On the way home, I rode on the street.  Just before I was going to turn to go back on the trail, some old man (probably drunk or something) yelled at me, “Get OFF the road!!”  I just ignored him and went on my merry way, knowing that the street was the best place for me to be at the time.

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3 Responses to another good ride

  1. Damn! That’s a helluva ride for a sunny August day. No wonder your facebook tweet currently says you need a shower. Too bad about the grumpy old man. What’s up with that?

    Yup. At this point, I’ve changed my clothes and washed my face. I’m hoping to take the kids for a bike ride tonight, so I’ll shower before bed. ~R

  2. Deb says:

    That’s great! I just got in from my commute home, so I definitely hear you on the needing a shower! And a huge dinner. 10.5 miles is a big commitment for errand running. Good job!

    And ignore the drunk old men, and honking drivers. They’re just jealous. 🙂

    How is the commute going? Are we going to get an update soon? ~R

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