back in the saddle again!

Today I woke up to cut the banana bread that I made last night for hubby to bring into work.  Instead of doing yoga, I went ahead and washed my face and got dressed.  Baby Girl walked in about 6:10 or so.  She wanted to wake up Little Man, so we did.

They got dressed and I fed them breakfast.  Bunny Town was on, so we watched that as they ate breakfast and then by 7;00 we were out the door.  I had some errands to run, but I was able to do them on my bike!  YIPPEE!!  On the way to school, I stopped by our bank to make a deposit.  We then dropped Baby girl off and then Little Man.  I headed home to ditch the trailer and have some breakfast (Yogurt with blueberries)

After that, I headed to my bank and to Meijer’s to pick up some photos for Saturday then off to the gym.  Since it was early (I had planned on that) I did my yoga there.  Somewhere between 15-20 minutes. 

  • Sun salutations (2nd time through holding poses for 3 breaths)
  • Moon Salutaions (holding each for 5)
  • Plank, Downdog Child’s pose (5 breaths)
  • Standing straddle forward bend
  • Fish

I think that was it, or at least that’s all that I remembered.

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2 Responses to back in the saddle again!

  1. cinturon says:

    Yum…bananaa bread!

    Maybe I’ll post my recipe soon. ~R

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