Mileage & Yoga

 Rode 17.330 miles.  Mileage consisted of:

  • Tuesday:  Drop off at daycare; Ride to the gym; Ride to the park
  • Wednesday:  Daycare drop off
  • a couple of trips to the parks

I did Mcdonald’s 15 minute Yoga DVD this morning after hubby went to work.  I did flexibility one.  I was so not flexible this morning.  After that I decided to torture myself with core.  Lots of crunches.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

I’m not sure how much bike riding I’ll be doing this week.  I hate summer colds.  I took the GOOD fake Psuedophed, but it expired 09/05 so I’m not sure itf it’ll really work.   It always amazes me how much snot can accumulate in the nose.

Oh..  after my strength workout Friday morning, I was only a little sore Saturday.  This is good!

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1 Response to Mileage & Yoga

  1. cinturon says:

    I’m jealous of your bike riding!
    I need to look at our links to find a quick yoga routine to do during my lunch break at school.

    If you have a portable DVD player, you can bring the McD’s 15 minute yoga DVD once you get that. ~R

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