Up early

Since I was awake when hubby left for work this morning, I decided to get up.  Also, I knew I was in good company.  My college buddy, Cinturon was also awake.  I’m hoping that I too can get my butt out of bed when hubby does to do some exercising.

This morning I did 15 minutes of Yoga, McDonald’s 15 minute DVD, up for a challenge and stress relief.  After that I thought I would torture myself with some strength training, with weights.  That meant lots of squats.  I’ll be sore by Noon.

Cinturon, we can keep each other accountable, even though we are halfway across the state from each other!

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2 Responses to Up early

  1. cinturon says:


    I like getting up early…but i hate being tired at 9PM!!!!

    For sure!! ~R

  2. yogababe21 says:

    Exercise is a great way to start the day! But it is easier with others.

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