Yet another non-practicing day, probably weekend

I have a feeling that I won’t get a formal 10 minute practice in today, or much this weekend.  I’ll try to get in some forward bends, Yoga mudra stretching, spinal twisting and squatting.

Our AC isn’t working and we’re getting a new AC/furnace combo Monday.  In the meantime, the kids are sleeping in our room, so no before bed practice for me.  No, they are not sleeping in our bed, we brought their mattresses in and they are sleeping on the floor.  We have a window AC unit in our room.  It’s been rainy and humid, so we don’t have the windows open. 

Here’s our mileage for the week.  25.534 miles, including:

  • 3 drop-offs to daycare
  • 2 back and forth trips to the high school for the kids fun run
  • 1 trip to the gym
  • 1 trip to Meijers
  • countless trips to the park

Have a great weekend and stay cool.

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2 Responses to Yet another non-practicing day, probably weekend

  1. cinturon says:

    I wish we could ride our bikes to places here…we are just not close enough and I live off of too busy of a street…sigh….

    We need to save gas money if nothing else.

    And it’s not like Jimmy can commute by bike either… You do what you can. you do have that fantastic garden to save you money on produce. ~R

  2. Chris says:

    That’s funny! I forget you have a Meijers there too. It’s not very often that I find a person out of state that knows what Meijers is, let alone shops there.

    I LOVE Meijers!! We didn’t have one here for the longest time and I missed it. ~R

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