Before bed yoga

Sunday was a busy, sunny, beautiful day here.  After church we went to the park, had lunch then Little Man had ANOTHER birthday party.  So evertone else is in bed and I squeezed in 15 minutes of yoga for myself.  The McDonald’s 15 minute Yoga DVD.  I choose up for a challenge and Stress relief. 

Some of the poses included:

  • Sun Salutation (1st time I did what they did.  2nd time through I did my version)
  • Cat/Dog stretches (or cat/cow or cat/cat lift whatever you want to call it)
  • Bound Angle (Butterfly)
  • Seated straddle stretch
  • Knees to chest
  • knee down spinal twisting
  • modified pigeon
  • Long Shivasana

Really, nothing was held for too long and nothing was really difficult!

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1 Response to Before bed yoga

  1. Is this video something that is specificially for before bed or did you just use it that way? I need something for before bed. HALP.

    I tend to do yoga either first thing in the morning or right before bed. Occasionally I get lucky and do it at lunch time. You might be able to find the McDonald’s 15 minute Yoga DVD on E-Bay. I wouldn’t pay more than $7.00 total for it (the approx. price for one of the salad’s). If you’d like to try it, I can send you my copy. I think my Mom has one that I could use in the mean time. 🙂 Happy Yoga’ing. ~R

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