Lunch time yoga!

What a way to ruin a good yoga workout or negate a good bike ride.  Turtles and Pizza.  LOL!!  While my Totinos pizza was cooking, I got in 10 minutes of yoga.

  • Sun Salutations (2nd time through I held Runners Stretch, Plank, Updog, and down dog for 4 breaths each)
  • Tree.  I was able to do half mudra on EACH side.  YEAH ME!!  10 breaths each side.
  • Full Shoulderstand/seated forward bend.  I held each pose 5 breaths 4 or 5 times each. 

So it’s time to eat my pizza and take a shower.

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1 Response to Lunch time yoga!

  1. WHOA! Fancy new layout! Tutles are awesome. As is Totinos Party Pizza!!!

    Well, I guess “technically” not turtles… They are a fundraiser version, Doodles. YUM! ~R

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