I did another Namaste Yoga vshow during lunch time.  The focus was Warrior II and Triangle Pose.  It was a good sequence, but my arms were pooped by the end of the 20 minute practice.

My abs are sore, my buns are sore and my arms are sore from class yesterday.  Arms?  Why would my arms be sore you ask?  We used resistance tubes on our feet and pulled the handles up to shoulder height.  Ughh…

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2 Responses to NaYoPraPoMo!

  1. I think I ought to start a hip-hop YoYoYoYoMo.

    If I did, would ya join me? ~R

  2. But seriously…what does the PO in this one stand for? Positions?

    National Yoga Practicing Posting Month! 😛 ~R

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