yoga, bicycling and a little bit of running

So far this week, I did two Namaste Yoga shows.  40 minutes.  Hopefully today I’ll get a third one in at lunch time, which will get me to 60 minutes for the week.  There is talk about WoYoPracMo for the month of July and I’m waffling about doing it or not.  Time will tell.  Saturday’s and Sunday’s are always the hardest.  I still have a week or so to decide.

This week was a beautiful week.  I took the kids to school on the bike Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday Little Man had a doctor’s appointment and I needed to pay the water bill, so we took the van.  I did pick up Baby Girl on Wednesday with the bike and maybe today I’ll pick them both up.  We’ll see.  The flag has poked a hole through the nylon so I’ll need to patch it up.  Otherwise we’ll have to do without.

Today is Friday.  That means this evening is the Lake Run club’s Kids Run for Fun at the High school that is near our house.  Kids 2 and under (Baby girl) run half a lap.  Kids 3-7 run one lap and kids 8 and over run 2 laps!

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