More Morning Yoga

Even though WoYoPraMo is over for May, I’m keeping up with 60 minutes of yoga a week ~ hopefully.

We have FitTv.  One of the programs is called Namaste Yoga.  It is on at 7:30 (the time that I’m getting the kids to school) and 11:30.  I decided to record it and I did one of them this morning.  It is a 30 minute program, but I think it’s about 20 minutes of actual yoga (commercials)  😦  I think I’ll continue to record this.  I relly like the program.  It starts out with one pose and continues to build upon it.  It’ll be nice to not have to do my same couple of favorite poses, the convenience of being able to do it whenever, and a quik practive either in the morning or before bed.


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