Mileage Friday

22.899 miles (Really it was a bit more (Not much ~So I’ll just round it up to 23 miles).  My odometer wasn’t set right so for a couple blocks, it didn’t register until I stopped to fix it. 

Mileage this last week consisted of:

  • Monday 5/26:  Bike ride to hear the echo’s.  When we ride on Constitution trail, we go under a couple bridges and they echo!  LOL  The kids LOVE it.  🙂
  • Wednesday 5/28:  Bike to drop off the kids, Bike to the grocery store to pick up a few things (The bags were in the trailer!) Bike to pick UP the kids from daycare.  It was a WINDY day.  Yuck.  I sounded like The Little Engine That Could…  Ithink I can, I think I can while going up the hills… in the wind.
  • Thursday 5/29:  Biked the kids to school.  I didn’t really feel like it, but Friday morning is supposed to be crappy, so I did it.  A bike ride through the echo’s.  Hubby hauled the kids.

My car stayed in the driveway for two days.  It was kind of nice.

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