Yoga and class

I managed to be off the computer long enough last to get in 15 minutes of Yoga (McDonald’s Yoga DVD), but not long enough to do it twice.  This morning I was awake, so I did it again.  Both times “Ease me into it” and “Stress Relief”.  Yesterday I followed along, today It was more of a guide.  I did my own sun salutations this morning.  So that’s 30 for the week so far.

Yesterday was my Tuesday fitness class.  We had a sub, who normally teaches kickboxing and aerobics.  My thighs are a bit sore this morning.

Yesterday I dropped the kids off on the bike and then rode to my fitness class.  I’ll post on “Mileage Mondays” from now on.

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2 Responses to Yoga and class

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  2. I think we need a video posted of you saluting the sun. I’m curious.

    Go look at my newest page… My Yoga Definitions. You should get a good Idea there. ~R

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