morning yoga

This morning I got in 20 minutes of yoga.

  • Sun Salutations (1 time through)
  • Bound angel (15 breathes)
  • Sitting forward bed (15 breathes)
  • Sitting straddle forward bend (15 breathes)
  • Spinal rolling
  • Spinal twisting with both knees down (5 breathes)

My lower back was bugging me so that’s why all the forward bends.

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4 Responses to morning yoga

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  2. I’m getting ready to try beginner Yoga. Any pointers? I’ve been a walking, eliptical, aerobic/dancing girl so far. My Mom used to do Yoga when I was little and I remember trying and hurting my neck…ha! Does it help balance you so to speak?

    Pointers: Listen to your body. If it hurts, easy up! At times, I feel balanced afterwards. ~R

  3. Oops, hit say it too soon… I wanted to ask too…are you a fitness trainer or considered being one?

    Not a trainer and I have no desire to be one! LOL 😀 ~R

  4. dang it..did it again! hugs to ya deb

    Hugs right back! ~R

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