Da Elliptical

Today I went to the gym.  I managed to go 30 minutes on the elliptical traveling 2.25 miles.  Most of that forwards.  The last 8 minutes, I went backwards, that’s what the thing wanted me to do.  Next week, I’ll get in and do circuit training, probably Thursday. 

When I started this whole blogging accountability thing, I was weighing in between 130 and 135.  It all depended on: the time of day; what I was (or not) wearing; if I had eaten anything; gone potty (sorry, that’s the current term, 4 year old, ya know!); that most wonderful time of the month to name a few. 

Now when I weigh myself, it’s generally in the 125-130 range.  I’m thrilled.  I never take that specific number to heart, but I look at it as a range.  If I could possible get down and maintain a 120-125 range, I’d be thrilled.  It might not happen, but that’s my goal range.  120-125.  My high school weight.  My “skinny jeans fit and feel really good” range.  I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have those smaller jeans, they are getting worn to the point of holes in the knees and pockets, but I work at home!  It doesn’t matter!  LOL  😀

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6 Responses to Da Elliptical

  1. Congrats on being SO DANG SKINNY!

    If I were taller that would be skinny! I’m only 5’3″. ~Accountable

  2. Well, you LOOK taller. LOL

    HAHA!! I feel fine from waist up. All my weight is in my thighs and butt. There is NO weight in the chest area. They have been deflated!! 😀 ~Accountable

  3. Mercedes says:

    I would like to be in that weight range too~I have gained so much weight and I am only 5’2”.

    In your opinion~Which do you like better: Treadmill or the Elliptical (is this the thing that looks like a treadmill and bike pedals together? like my description-hehe)


    The Elliptical is what you think it is. Which do I like better? I’m not sure. They are both good. If you have bad knees, go with the elliptical. ~Accountable

  4. You’ve been meme tagged. Go to my blog to read the rules. 😀

    Damn it!! People, quit tagging me!! LOL!! ~Accountable

  5. I warned you on Friday. 😛

    I know…. I know.. 😀 ~Accountable

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