First class of 2008

Today is Tuesday.  Tuesday’s I have my fitness class, Hips/Buns/Thighs/Abs Express.  It was GREAT!!  It was a very full class so I’m glad that I rgistered for it.  Before class, I did a 15 minute Yoga routine for warming-up, fulfilling my WoYoPracMo for the day.

My butt is going to be sore, I can already tell.  It’s going to make the stairs interesting tonight.  I’ll get back to you tomorrow on it.  We did our ab work with a paper plate between our knees, to make sure we were holding form.  WOW!! 

update:  My butt is not sore.  It’s the abs that are sore!  LOL!!  😀

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2 Responses to First class of 2008

  1. shadesofpink says:

    I start aerobic jazz next Tuesday. Can’t wait! I have a modern dance class on Monday. It’s more stretching and moving. The aerobic jazz class burns! 😀

    That sounds like a great class! Let us know how it goes. ~Accountable

  2. How dat butt doin?

    I did forget to update… updating now. ~Accountable

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