Monday, Monday…

Well, not much is going on today.  I ended up not exercising today.  I had a better offer of lunch with my Mom.  We went shopping at Target and had lunch at Wendy’s.  Not very exciting there.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and I have much to be thankful for.  We will be traveling Wednesday to the In-laws in Ohio.  In the past, we had left after dinner on Sunday.  We pop in a movie for the kids and leave.  This year will be different.  The last two times that we came back from Ohio, baby girl threw up.  The funny thing is that it ws pretty much in the same area that she threw up at both times.  We drive west on 74.  It is just AFTER we pass the rest area after Pittsboro.  We must drive to Crawfordsville to clean her up. 

This year, we are leaving after lunch instead.  Watching a movie during daylight hours doesn’t seem to bother her.  Hopefully they will both nap.  We can only get so lucky.  At this point, I’d settle for not puking.

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3 Responses to Monday, Monday…

  1. I’d just go with the plan of telling them to take a nap and not putting in the dvd, especially after a Thanksgiving lunch. They are sure to fall asleep in their carseats.

  2. dtk39 says:

    good luck! Traveling with kids is always an adventure.

    Our oldest used to have a pair of shorts that became known as the “bad luck” shorts.

    It seemed that everytime he wore them in the car his diaper leaked.

  3. Accountable says:

    We are leaving Saturday afternoon. We usually have them nap in the car and after we pass Indy, we’ll put in a video.

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