Wednesday workout

Well, I used my new 15 minute Strength DVD that I bought from eBay (sort of).  I really like that one too.  I will definitely need to dust off the dumbbells for that one.  We have some that had been in the garage that I will use with this DVD.  Or at least just the bar for now.  😀

We started out with squats, which was good.  For the strength part, some bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and other sort of moves that usually work better when weights are used.  It will be hard to choose which work out to do weekly.

Hubby’s gym membership is up for renewal this month.  We have talked and will do the family plan.  Yippee!!!  Hopefully I’ll be able to work that in once a week so I can rotate between Da Bike, Da Treadmill and if I get brave enough, Da Elliptical.  I’ll get out of the house and hopefully some interaction with real live people, other than the kids daycare and my hubby.  Am I lame, or what?  hee hee!!  😀

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5 Responses to Wednesday workout

  1. I love interaction with real live people. That’s not a lame aspiration at all! 🙂 I’m happy for you!

  2. anne says:

    Real live people rock!

    We’re gonna join a gym, too. I am doing great on the cardio, but it’s time to start toning up, I guess. Good for you for joining!

  3. hidingaskinnygirl says:

    Da Elliptical rocks my world!

    How about Da Stair Climber?

  4. Accountable says:

    I’ll have to check it out!


  5. shadesofpink says:

    Don’t fear the elliptical! 😉 It’s good for your joints. It helps when I get stiffness in my hip sockets. It also feels good for the knees. The treadmill can have issues because there isn’t a lot of give on the platform making it hard on your joints and shins; but sometimes, the elliptical is a little too intense. For those times, the treadmill does the job.

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