Whatever week I’m on, Tuesday…

Today I put in The Blues Brothers to watch while I ride.  I got as far as the car chase in the mall scene.

Anyway, I started riding the bike and probably about 5 minutes into it, I noticed that all the info was blanked out.  AAAAAAAAAAAArgh… so I had to reset the timer.  Instead of a brand new 25 minutes, I set it for 20 minutes.  I think combined, I rode for 25 minutes??

So for the counted for 20 minutes, I rode 4.5 miles (probably closer to 5.25 miles combined).  I feel really good, just a little aggravated in what happened early on in the ride.  Oh well.

I think on Thursday I’ll try my new Pilates video and see what happens there.  I know that I am making a difference as my older jeans actually fit okay yesterday and I wore them all day!  YIPPEE!!!

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3 Responses to Whatever week I’m on, Tuesday…

  1. Wow, accountable! Hooray for old jeans fitting again! 😆

  2. Accountable says:

    I know!! These were the size 8’s. I had to buy a couple new pair (12) mostly to accomodate my thighs/butt and lack of activity. The 12’s are too big in the waste, but they fit well in the aforementioned areas!

  3. shadesofpink says:

    You’re making great progress! Great work!

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