The week were were gone, we also managed to go out for a couple walks, YEAH!!  Nothing too far as the kids are in tow, or rather I’m pushing them.  This is a shame. 

The summer year between High School and College, I walked just about every night.  It didn’t matter how hot it was, I just called up a friend (or aunt) and we walked.  It usually ended up being a couiple of miles.  This was all in preparation for college.  Family rule was I was not to take the car.  I’d have to hoof it.

One night, it was a beautiful evening.  I started out walking with one of my friends.   She was done, but I was still raring to go, so I kept on.  While walking, I met up with a another couple so I walked with them for a little bit.  All in all, I re-tracked in my car to figure out how far I had walked.  The total?  Seven miles.  Anyone who’s been to my hometown knows that walking seven miles around town is pretty good!

While in Macomb freshman year my roomie and I walked EVERY WHERE.  We had to.  Neither of us had a car and we were usually too cheap to take a cab!  One afternoon we walked downtown.  We decided, oh it’s not much further to the bread store, so we walked.  We kept doing that to various stores and the next thing we knew, we had walked to Wal-mart!!  We ended up calling a cab back.  It would have been quite a trek back with our purchases.

I really miss those long walks just because and just to get out.  Now we have bath time and bed time to deal with.  I can deal with the heat, so I’m not sure why I don’t take the kids for much longer walks.

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